• Packaging design - Scalextric
  • Brand identity - Scalextric Start logo
  • Toy packaging design - Scalextric
  • Product livery graphics - Scalextric
  • child photography for advertising - Scalextric Argos advert
  • Product photography and retouching - Scalextric
  • Instruction leaflet - Scalextric maintenance sheet


We’ve worked with Scalextric for many years, developing their brand image and producing a large variety of creative solutions for them, including sets and accessories packaging, product catalogue design, advertising, instruction leaflets, product graphics, photography and retouching as well as the Scalextric pages in the Argos catalogue. More recently we designed a new brand style for an entry level Scalextric system called ‘Start’. The powerful flames, red colour and angled graphics combined with digitally rendered mood imagery makes for a striking combination that attracts attention.